Miter-It™ Auto, Electric
Miter-It™ Auto, Electric
Miter-It™ Auto, Electric

Miter-It™ Auto, Electric

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The Miter-It™ Auto Electric system enables vacuum-powered mitered laminations "on the go". Save time and money on performing miter laminations in the shop by eliminating the need for a helper-wherever you would need a hand to hold the material, put a Miter-It™ Auto clamp there instead! The Electric model uses a powerful, compact vacuum pump that runs on AC or battery power, so you can use this system at any jobsite. The user-friendly clamps securely and reliably hold heavy, drop-down edges at 90°, enabling finished-side-up laminations and providing better results than taping methods alone. Seaming the joint finished-side-up offers increased safety for workers and reduced risk of damage to the piece by not having to flip the material for gluing. This also keeps the seam in view for dialing-in perfect joints, and makes clean-up fast and easy. The coarse adjustment lever quickly raise apron into place, while the horizontal and vertical fine-tuning knobs provide ultimate control over the seam. Miter-It™ Auto clamps accommodate edges up to 12" tall and 3 cm thick. The proprietary, non-marking vacuum cups provide an exceptional hold on textured and porous surfaces. The 10-port Venturi Vacuum Generator allows adding eight additional clamps to cover more surface area. Typically, one Miter-It™ Auto clamp every 3 to 4 feet is sufficient, but more may be used for extra-long or heavy aprons. 

  • Mitered laminations "on the go"
  • Saves labor by eliminating the need for a helper
  • Miter finished side up-safer for workers and material; keep the seam in view
  • Compact vacuum pump runs on AC or battery power for use at jobsite
  • Reliably holds heavy drop-down edges at 90°
  • Coarse adjustment lever for quick apron placement 
  • Horizontal and vertical fine-tuning knobs for ultimate seam control
  • Non-marking, proprietary synthetic rubber cups are highly-durable and feature FTS™ technology for optimum hold, even on textured materials
  • Accommodates edges up to 12" tall, 3 cm thick

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