NSI Top Polishing Kit
NSI Top Polishing Kit
NSI Top Polishing Kit

NSI Top Polishing Kit

Easy Stone Care
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NEW! The NSI Top Polishing Kit features everything you need to remove scratches, etches, smooth out cracks and flatten seams in this conveniently packaged kit. This kit also introduces the all new Redeemer pads. Developed by NSI Solutions, the Redeemer polishing pads replace the Alpha Ceramica wet-to-dry steps in the top polishing process. These pads were developed specifically to be physically easier to use than the popular method of putting a lot of pressure on the machine during the final diamond steps.

Kit Contents: 

  • 1pc. SL3 Adapter
  • 1pc. SL3 3 inch Backer
  • 4pcs. SL3 3 inch Adapter for Floating Turbos 
  • 3pcs. SL3 4 inch Top Polish Backer
  • 150, 300, 500 and 1000 grit SL3 3 inch Floating Turbos
  • 1000, 2000 and 3000 grit Redeemer 4 inch resin pads
  • 1pc. red China marker
  • 1pc. white China marker
  • 1pc White Out pen
  • 1/2lb jar MB-20 polishing compound
  • 3pcs. 8 inch natural tan polishing pads. 
  • Instruction booklet