Hybrid Copper Swirl Pads
Hybrid Copper Swirl Pads

Hybrid Copper Swirl Pads

Easy Stone Care
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The Hybrid Copper Swirl pads are the most versatile pads on the market. 30-400 grits feature a copper outside rim with a resin center. 800-3000 grits are all resin. This allows the lower grits to cut very efficiently, removing deep scratches and hevy damage while leaving a smooth finish. The 800-3000 can be used wet-to-dry to pop a higher shine before final polishing with a polishing compound like MB-20These can also be used for edge polishing during fabrication. 

What makes these pads unique is that they work equally as well on soft marbles and hard granites, and provide a high clarity shine on both. 

These also work great for polishing edge profiles. While they are not the most cost effective for a fabrication shop, they are worth every penny. These belong in every tool box

  • Perfect for granite countertops
  • Works well with the No-Spin Edger
  • 800 grit excellent for removing hard water damage around sinks and faucets