Granite Countertop Restoration Kit - Starter Kit

Granite Countertop Restoration Kit - Starter Kit

Easy Stone Care
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This Easy Stone Care exclusive Granite Countertop Restoration Kit contains items carefully selected for very specific tasks to make restoring granite counters systematic and user-friendly. 

The Starter Kit sets you up with the most necessary basic items to remove grime, film, soap, dirt and to restore the shine on granite counters from normal wear and tear that takes place over the years. If there is 

The Starter Kit Includes: 

  • 32oz. Easy Scrub cleansing cream 
  • 32oz. Easy Oxy daily spray cleaner
  • 16oz. Ultimate spray polish
  • 1/2lb jar MB-20 granite polish
  • 8 inch Microfiber pads (2)
  • 7 inch white pads (5)
  • 7 inch hogs hair pads (5)