Granite Countertop Restoration Kit - Deluxe Kit

Granite Countertop Restoration Kit - Deluxe Kit

Easy Stone Care
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This Easy Stone Care exclusive Granite Countertop Restoration Kit contains items carefully selected for very specific tasks to make restoring granite counters systematic and user-friendly. 

The Deluxe Kit adds a FillaChip Starter Kit and ShaveIt 12 blade scraper. This will allow you to repair chips, fissures and small pits on the face, edges and corners that are a result of banging dishes, pots and pans, etc. 

Use the Honeycomb Copper Pads wet-to-dry to burnish away the remaining hard water and mineral build up and to bring to a shine before using the MB-20 for a final pop. The 800 grit Honeycomb Copper is aggressive enough to remove the damage, but not aggressive enough to get the user into any trouble, or create any additional damage. It is the most effective, risk-free kit available.  

The Deluxe Kit Includes: 

  • 32oz. Easy Scrub cleansing cream 
  • 32oz. Easy Oxy daily spray cleaner
  • 16oz. Ultimate spray polish
  • 2.2lb jar MB-20 granite polish
  • 8 inch Microfiber pads (2)
  • 7 inch white pads (5)
  • 7 inch hogs hair pads (5)
  • 4 inch backer with 5/8x11 thread attachment
  • 4 inch Honeycomb Copper 800 grit diamond pad
  • 4 inch Honeycomb Copper 1500 grit diamond pad
  • 4 inch Honeycomb Copper 3000 grit diamond pad
  • FillaChip Starter Kit
  • ShaveIt scraper