Faber Limestone Densifier
Foreground left natural, stone in back row was densified. Diamonds only

Faber Limestone Densifier

Easy Stone Care
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This limestone densifier is a life saver. Too many times we have run into limestones, soft marbles and weird stones with soft patches that don't want to polish out evenly, or burn and get orange peeled before you get a decent shine. This densifier hardens the surface of calcite stones to allow for a much more conistent and higher finish. 

Apply to the stone after 400 grit resins, or after your final diamond step if honing. Saturate until rejection; When the stone stays wet with the product by itself for 10 minutes, stop applying and let dry. It is recommended to let dry for 4-6 hours, but we have experienced very good results after 1 hour. Perform a test to determine bets dwell time for desired results. After densifier is done drying to your satisfaction, continue with your normal refinishing process. 

5 liter jug

  • VOC Free water-based formula
  • Easy to use
  • minimal down time