Easy Stone Care Wipe n Seal Pro Kit

Easy Stone Care Wipe n Seal Pro Kit

Easy Stone Care
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Wipe n Seal is a two part, permanent sealer for glass and other smooth surfaces. It creates a micro shield on the glass to repel water, soap scum and hard water mineral deposits. Wipe n Seal will prevent accumulation of mineral deposits on surfaces such as shower walls, exterior water features, automotive glass, etc. 

Wipe n Seal also works very well for polished porcelain, dense granite and on polished marble shower walls. Life of sealer may vary on these other surfaces. 

Recommended for professionals and experienced DIY only.

  • Permanent on glass
  • Perfect for steam showers
  • Requires only squeegeeing for maintenance 
  • Great for polished porcelain slab and tile
  • Works on exterior water features

All surfaces to be sealed must be clean from any topical deposits, films and sealers. Any stains must be removed prior to sealing. Make sure adequate ventilation is available. Wear proper protective gear such as latex or nitrile gloves, and the appropriate respirator.