The Easy Stone Care Story

Easy Stone Care, Inc. as we know it today was created by Cameron DeMille and Ted McFadden after meeting through an online forum in 2009. They began sharing ideas and eventually decided to meet in person. Realizing there was a huge gap in the market for training and proper knowledge in the industry, the first Southern California Stone Restoration Class was scheduled for March 2011.

After a successful class, Easy Stone Care was asked to provide the materials and equipment by the trainees, at which time we had no plans of doing. We made some calls and were able to provide the tools, which inevitably snowballed into a side business. With volume and revenue increasing each year, the decision was made to incorporate and turn Easy Stone Care into a full time training and distribution company. The rest is history, which is still currently in the making. 

Easy Stone Care, Inc. is a now proud Guardian Sponsor of the Stone Fabricators Alliance, and a member company of the Natural Stone Institute. We continue to provide support and education throughout the industry.