Easy Stone Care
Anyone can learn to refinish marble, travertine, and limestone if they learn concepts, procedures, and products necessary, and practice.

Easy Stone Care is born out of market need. There are other sites on the Internet that sell product and information. But few of them arrange the information in a way that actually empowers you. Everyone wants you to return to their store or site and buy product, ask questions, or simply share your experience. To do this they only give you what you need to "be dangerous."

I have arranged the information in Stone Care Guide in such a way that you can use it to its fullest in the lowest possible time frame from purchase to project. Will you need practice before you start? Yes. Will you make mistakes? Yes. But as long as you make your mistakes on your practice floor, you will be fine.

In your new stone care business, you will need supplies. I recognize that there are hundreds of places for you to shop for supplies. Because of this, I offer only products that are either hard to find, inexpensive to ship, over-priced everywhere else, or we believe work best with the system that is put in place in the Stone Care Guide.

Thank you for your consideration,

Ted McFadden