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Samich s.r.l is one of the pioneer companies in the diamond disc technology industry for polishing and grinding marble, granite, concrete and any other floors. Samich is a world-wide specialized manufacturer of diamond tools for surfaces preparation and polished concrete. In addition to manufacturing our specialized diamond tools, we have collaborated with some grinding and polishing machine manufacturers to develop Samich-customized machines that fix/use our diamond tools and accessories. Contractors and construction companies all over the world are having a great deal of success with the various Samich solutions available.
Legend Series Floor Machines - 4 - 7 hp Lotus Series Floor Machines - 2.5 - 4 hp Mito Series Floor Machines - 2.5 - 10 hp
Samich Legend Series - Single Disc & Planetary Packages
Samich Lotus Series - Single Disc & Planetary Packages
Samich Mito Series - 1 & 3 Phase Planetary Machines