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These are some of the kits we have assembled for the most demanding professionals when it comes to quality and performance. We don't sell tools that we haven't personally used in the field, so if you have a question or an issue with something here, we can help you work through it. These tools, abrasives and chemicals have been field proven by Cameron DeMille and Ted McFadden, as well as many other stone refinishers who take their job and their reputations seriously. Don't buy knockoff abrasives, cheap equipment and inferior chemicals.

We also offer custom kits and packages tailored for your exact needs. Just because you don't see it on the site, doesn't mean we can't get it. Call or email to ask for more details. We won't sell you something you don't need.
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Chip repair kit Bonstone Granite & Marble Repair Kit

Light duty repair kit with UV stable glue

Bonstone Natural Stone Repair Kit Bonstone Natural Stone Repair Kit - UV Stable

Basic kit for quick and easy repairs on natural stone. UV stable glue

List Price: $44.95
Ceramic Tile Pro - Super Grout Additive

Epoxy additive for sanded & non-sanded grout

FillaChip & Shave IT Repair Combo Pack

Complete filler and scraper set for repairing hard stone surfaces

Pit & Chip Filler FillaChip UV Cured Chip & Crack Filler - Kit

FillaChip UV-cured filler for granite - Kit

Granite Countertop Service Kits

Kits for cleaning, polishing and restoring granite counters

Granite Top Polishing Kits

Complete granite top polishing kit with everything you need to get started

Shower Cleaning Kit- 10% OFF!

Easy Stone Care shower cleaning kit for soap scum, hard water deposits, mold, mildew and general grime

Easy Stone Care Shower Glass Restoration Kit Shower Glass Restoration Kit- 10% Off Items As A Kit

Easy Stone Care shower glass restoration and sealing kit

Tenax Antiquing Brushes Tenax Antiquing Brush Starter Packages

Tenax antiquing brushes starter package with Ager & Ager Tiger

Tenax Travertine Filler Tenax Travertine Repair Set

Polyester Resin Filler Kit with 10 pc. Color Kit