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Kits, sets and packages for homeowner repairs and DIY enthusiasts. Polishing packages, cleaning kits, diamond pad sets, etc.
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Repair Kit For Honed Marble Honed Marble Touch Up Kits

Repair kits for honed marble, travertine, limestone and granite

Ceramic Tile Pro - Super Grout Additive

Epoxy additive for sanded & non-sanded grout

Pit & Chip Filler FillaChip - Individual Colors

FillaChip individual colors

Bonstone Natural Stone Repair Kit Bonstone Natural Stone Repair Kit - UV Stable

Basic kit for quick and easy repairs on natural stone. UV stable glue

List Price: $44.95
24" Microfiber Mop Kit Microfiber Mops

Our Heavy Duty microfiber kits include (3) of our 24" wet / dry cleaning pads that can be used for both dust mopping or wet mopping applications. Kit also comes with a pre-assembled aluminum handle and frame set. These kits utilize industrial grade products for longer life and superior performance. Cleaning pads will withstand hundreds of machine washings. These complete kits are an excellent cleaning solution for home.

Shower Cleaning Kit- 10% OFF!

Easy Stone Care shower cleaning kit for soap scum, hard water deposits, mold, mildew and general grime

Easy Stone Care Shower Glass Restoration Kit Shower Glass Restoration Kit- 10% Off Items As A Kit

Easy Stone Care shower glass restoration and sealing kit

Chip repair kit Bonstone Granite & Marble Repair Kit

Light duty repair kit with UV stable glue

Total Home Care Kit

Total Home & Office Cleaning Kit

Pit & Chip Filler FillaChip - Kits & Replacement Parts

FillaChip UV-cured filler for granite - Kit

FillaChip Combo Pack

FillaChip kits combined with other items to make life easier