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No Spin backer pad MB24 Natural Stone Impregnating Sealer for marble, travertine, limestone, flagstone, and grout
17 inch Polypad Plus Backer with floating hub to prevent damage to adjacent surfaces
MB-24 VOC-Free water based impregnating sealer

Rosex Polishing Pads Hands on Stone Refinishing and Restoration Class | Marble Polishing Class | Stone Restoraiton Class | Travertine Polishing Class | Granite Polishing Class | Granite Repair | Marble Grinding Class | Stone Polishing Instruction | Stone Repair Class Natural Stone Refinishing and Restoration guide, Stripping of Flagstone and Tile Instructions, Marble Limestone and Travertine refinishing guide.  Instructions for sanding and polishing marble, limestone and travertine.  Instructions for stone repair.
Stone Care Guide - By Ted McFadden - 107 Page Book (Free Shipping)
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3 inch Rosex resin pads for refinishing marble, travertine and limestone floors. Can be used on floors with minor to moderate lippage with foam risers.
The most comprehensive stone refinishing, repair and restoration class on the planet. 100% hands on training. 3 classes in 2015. Don't miss your chance to get hands on experience with refinishing, grinding, polishing, repair, granite polishing, counter top polishing, sealing and more!
A comprehensive stone care guide and field manual that simplifies stone refinishing, restoration and repair.

Total Home Care

Shower Glass Cleaning Restoration & Sealing
Easy Stone Care Shower Glass Restoration Kit
Easy Stone Care shower glass restoration and sealing kit

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Easy Oxy Non Toxic Marble & Granite Spray Cleaner
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SemiFlex Triple Thick Resin Polishing Diamond Pads
Stone Pro Finishing Touch Spray Polish
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Shimmer Polished Stone Rinse Sealer & Optical Brig
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Marble Refinishing Diamonds

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MB-3 Soap Film & Water Spot Remover
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MB-9 Mold & Mildew Remover
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Honeycomb Copper Pads For Granite
Mini Slayer Premium Turbo Blade For Granite
D2 Biological Solution
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