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F-721 Limestone, Granite & Marble Sealer - Concentrated Pint Wipe and Seal Packets (Step 1 & 2) FREE SHIPPING
List Price: $69.00
List Price: $34.95
F721 Concentrated Stone and Grout Sealer Wipe n Seal single use sealing wipes for granite, glass, porcelain, glazed tile, and other silica based surfaces.
Premium Fluoropolymer Sealer CONCENTRATE is a unique solvent based, water dispersed, no-sheen, low VOC, penetrating sealer for most mineral based surface. The Wipe-n-Seal packet system is a revolutionary, new, single use, professional sealing system for granite and glass.  No need to spend hundreds of dollars on quarts of sealer that will succumb to the dreaded shelf life and have to be thrown away.  This two step sealing system is all you need.
Shower Cleaning Kit- 10% OFF! Hands on Stone Refinishing and Restoration Class - Three Classes in 2015
List Price: $73.00
Deal of the Day Price: $58.40
You save $14.60!
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This shower cleaning kit is designed to get you started on the right track with restoring your natural stone and tile surfaces. This kit will take care of hard water and mineral deposits, soap scum and general grime.

Kit includes; 32oz Stone Scrub, 32oz Easy Oxy, 32oz MB-3 Soap Film Remover, 5 microfiber towels, one scrub brush and one detail brush.

If mold or mildew is present, use MB-9 Mold & Mildew Remover.
Don't miss the most comprehensive Stone Restoration Class in the World!

Hands on Stone Refinishing and Restoration Class - THREE NEW DATES FOR 2015 - JUST ANNOUNCED!

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Ted McFadden and Cameron DeMille have teamed up to put together a comprehensive stone refinishing and repair class focused on effective and efficient stone refinishing and repair procedures


16392 Gothard St. Suite D
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
See the map here.

This is 99.9% hands on and will cover flooring, walls and counters.

A brief incomplete list of what you will be able to do upon completion:
  1. Lippage Removal (floors) - Removing unevenness between tiles both with a planetary and a swing machine.
  2. General Refinishing to a polish or a hone - This is the bread and butter of your stone refinishing business.
  3. Use many different types of polishing powder, and other polishing methods.
  4. Refinishing and polishing showers and other vertical surfaces. You can see the full size wall set up in the pictures attached with different stones and finishes.
  5. Refinishing marble counters and tables. Customers will love that you can take care of all of their stone surfaces. Marble vanities commonly need work.
  6. Refinishing and polishing granite counters. While this service isn't as common, there are few professional restorers that know how to do this right. We use the latest methods and products to achieve consistent factory finishes on granite counters.
  7. Filling and repairing granite counters. Learn how to use professional chip and fill kits as well as traditional methods to make chips, holes, and dings almost disappear.
  8. Filling cracks, chips, and holes in travertine and other flooring materials.
  9. The use of sealers, testing, what to look out for and how to apply them.
  10. We will spend a short time explaining and showing how to use the ColorClad Core Color System for grout sealing on ceramic and porcelain tile.
  11. Ongoing support for every student.
This is not your grandma's stone seminar, this is 4 action packed days of stone action! We will be introducing you to the most commonly installed stones that you will come across out in the field, as well as some less common stones.

The first day will begin with attendee and instructor introductions. Class starts early and ends when you don't want any more. These days were chosen so you have plenty of time to get home Sunday. If you choose to stick around, one of us will make ourselves available to you.

Coffee and doughnuts will be provided as well as lunch. Dinner will be any opportunity to discuss the day's events, or any other questions you have relating to stone. If you're sick of stone, we can just have a good time.

Stone Pro Diamond Renew Polishing Powder MB Stone Care MB-11 DIY Spot Etch Remover for Marble Travertine & Limestone - 6 ounces
List Price: $25.45
Stone Pro Diamond Renew Polishing Powder Pictured MB-11 DIY Spot Etch Remover for Marble Travertine and Limestone
Professional polishing powder for a superior shine.  Combines the mechanical action of fine diamonds with special powders for polishing all calcium based stone.
MB-11 Etch remover. Polishing powder for the homeowner. Can be used without a machine.

Total Home Care

Easy-Oxy Granite Countertop Daily Cleaner (32 oz.)

Your Price $119.40
Granite Cleaner | Marble Cleaner | Stone Cleaner | Counter Cleaner | Granite Counter Cleaner | Marble Shower Cleaner | Travertine Shower Cleaner | Cleaning Product | Tile Cleaner | Shower Cleaner | Easyoxy | Natural Stone Daily Cleaner
Easy-Oxy is an amazing new Stone and Multi-surface cleaner with the amazing germ killing power of hydrogen peroxide and citrus. This daily cleaner is designed for frequent use on granite, marble, quartz, Corian®, tile and grout, and other hard surfaces.