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Adhesives, epoxies, urethanes, fillers, resins and glues for repairing and filling all types of natural stone
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Adria Travertine Filler Adria Expanding Polyester Travertine Filler

Low shrinkage polyester travertine filler

Bonstone Deluxe stone repair kit Bonstone Deluxe Stone Repair Kit

Comprehensive stone repair kit with UV stable glue. All in one kit.

Chip repair kit Bonstone Granite & Marble Repair Kit

Light duty repair kit with UV stable glue

Bonstone Stone Repair Kit Bonstone LARGE Stone Repair Kit - UV Stable

Bonstone Stone Repair Kit for structural and cosmetic repairs with UV stable glue

List Price: 177.28
Last Patch Dymond Bonstone Last Patch Dymond UV Stable Polishable Urethane Patching Adhesive

Bonstone Last Patch Dymond UV Stable urethane repair adhesive

Last Patchâ„¢ Gel Bonstone Last Patch™ Gel - UV Stable

Bonstone LAST PATCH™ Gel UV stable patching compound

Last Patchâ„¢ Limestone Kit Bonstone Last Patch™ Limestone UV Stable Limestone Filler - Single Units & Kits

Last Patch Limestone UV stable patching compound for limestone & sandstone

Bonstone Natural Stone Repair Kit Bonstone Natural Stone Repair Kit - UV Stable

Basic kit for quick and easy repairs on natural stone. UV stable glue

List Price: 44.95
Bonstone Polyester Resins

Interior-only fast curing resin

Touchstone Express II Flowing Cartridge Bonstone Touchstone Express II Flowing Cartridges

Touchstone™ Express II flowing epoxy cartridges

Touchstone Express II Knife Grade Epoxy Bonstone Touchstone Express II Knife Grade

Touchstone™ Express II Knife Grade Epoxy

Touchstone Glacier Bonstone Touchstone Glacier UV Stable Urethane For Laminating & Mitering

Touchstone Glacier UV stable adhesive for white marble, granite, quartzite, engineered stone and other stone surfaces

Exterior grade travertine adhesive Bonstone Ultimate - UV Stable Travertine Filler

UV stable, pre-tinted exterior grade bonding and filling adhesive for travertine

FillaChip & Shave IT Repair Combo Pack

Complete filler and scraper set for repairing hard stone surfaces

Pit & Chip Filler FillaChip UV Cured Chip & Crack Filler - Kit

FillaChip UV-cured filler for granite - Kit

LamLock Clear Epoxy Flowing LamLock Clear Flowing Epoxy

LamLock transparent flowing epoxy - 3 sizes available

LamLock Clear Epoxy Penetrating LamLock Clear Infiltrating (Penetrating) Epoxy

LamLock transparent infiltrating (penetrating) epoxy

Razor Scraper For Shaving Glue Shave-It Adhesive Scraper

Multi-blade scraper for shaving glue repairs flush with the surface

List Price: 19.95
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Tenax Color Kit Tenax Color Kit for Resin Filler

Tenax resin color kit for polyester and acrylic resins

Tenax Epoxy Gun Tenax Dual Cartridge Gun

Tenax applicator gun for cartridge glues

Tenax Micto Cartridge Tenax Micto Fast Cure Transparent Epoxy

Tenax Micto fast curing epoxy cartdiges

Tenax Micto Tip Tenax Mixing Tips for Micto

Tenax mixing tips for cartridge glues

Tenax Travertine Filler Tenax Travertine Filler

Tenax resin travertine filler

Tenax Travertine Filler Tenax Travertine Repair Set

Polyester Resin Filler Kit with 10 pc. Color Kit