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Abrasives & Antiquing Brushes Sealers & Chemicals
Abrasivi Adria srl has always been focused on improving our product offering through the use of quality materials and the provision of highly qualified technical service designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Over the years, we have assembled an international team of highly skilled in-house trained engineers who operate efficiently on the main world markets. Through wholly-owned operations in the USA, Brazil, Spain, Greece, Poland, Turkey and India, Abrasivi Adria srl can provide prompt support towards solving all technical problems related to the processing of stone. In line with this commitment, our chemical laboratories are engaged in ongoing research and are constantly striving to provide innovative, eco-friendly solutions through the use of low environmental impact raw materials.
Abrasives & Antiquing Brushes Sealers & Chemicals
Grinding, Honing, Antiquing and Polishing Abrasives
Adria Sealers & Other Chemicals